The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies
We partner journalists and lawyers to create in-depth media content so the war is not forgotten in the months and years ahead, while providing legal evidence to build war crimes cases
Life in War
The multimedia project aimed at documenting the modern history of Ukraine against the backdrop of the Russian-Ukrainian war so that future generations and the world can better understand these events.
Media Against Polarisation. The Transatlantic Best Practises
Traveling through the United States in search of innovative media that renew public interest journalism models in the digital age
Multimedia project initiated by the Public Interest Journalism Lab and NV magazine
Documentary multimedia project
dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence
about the history of the 1990s, told by Ukrainians themselves

There are several questions in the history of independent Ukraine that have no definitive answer. ‘
‘Who’s responsible for the murder of Georgiy Gongadze?’ is one of them.