Justice delayed is justice denied
The Reckoning Project is designed to ensure true justice and accountability. We partner journalists and lawyers to create in-depth media content so the war is not forgotten in the months and years ahead, while providing legal evidence to build war crimes cases
We have learned first hand that in too many horrifying conflicts, national and international courts have dismissed testimonies collected by journalists due to discrepancies between legal and journalistic modes of investigation.

The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies will close this gap by training high-performing conflict journalists and researchers to gather legally admissible testimonies so that the voices of victims may be heard inside the courts of law.

Today, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine seeks to destroy Ukraine’s right to exist. It attacks Ukrainians’ right to security and sovereignty – their identity, their memory, and their ability to define their own future. It attacks Ukraine as a legal entity and as a people.

In such a war, we need to fight for justice both in the court of public opinion and the courts of law.
Our mission was born
from bitter experience
Members of our award-winning team of multimedia journalists, videographers, academics, lawyers, and war crimes researchers have worked in Syria, Chechnya, Rwanda and Bosnia. We know from bitter experience how easy it is for justice to slip away, with disastrous consequences for sustainable peace and historical memory. Disinformation and dictators triumph all too often. We are here to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
The Project
The Reckoning Project's larger mission will be realized through a series of larger media projects to be completed throughout its time in Ukraine. These media projects are the principle focus of The Reckoning Project, on top of its work training journalists and researchers to collect, verify, and codify war crimes testimonies for use in future court cases.
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The Reckoning Project is implemented by the Public Interest Journalism Lab in Ukraine and the Institute of War and Peace Reporting in Europe and the USA.